The Commercial Law in Vietnam No. 36/2005/QH11 dated June 14, 2005 takes effect on January 01, 2006 (repalce the Commercial Law dated May 10, 1997), prescribes about trade fields, such as: traders (Article 6), the traders’ obligation to register business (Article 7), foreign traders conducting commercial activities in Vietnam (Article 16), rights and obligations of foreign-invested enterprises (Article 21), form of contracts for purchase and sale of goods (Article 24), pass of risks in case of purchase and sale of goods in transportation (Article 60), forms of service contracts (Article 74), sale promotion (Article 88), commercial advertising (Article 102), display and introduction of goods and services (Article 117), trade fairs and exhibitions (Article 129), representation of traders (Article 141), Commercial brokerage (Article 150), Purchase and sale of goods by mandated dealers (Article 155), Logistic services (Article 233) and many other provisions.  

DMS Law office in Vietnam advises the following contents: 

Basic principles in commercial activities in Vietnam

Foreign traders doing commercial activities in Vietnam.

Trading of commodities in Vietnam

Contract for commodity trading in Vietnam

Contract for trading of goods through Commodity Exchange in Vietnam

Provision of services in Vietnam

Services contract in Vietnam

Promotion in Vietnam

Commercial advertisement in Vietnam

Commercial advertisement in Vietnam

Display and/or introduction of goods, services in Vietnam

Commercial Exhibition, Fair in Vietnam

Representative of trader in Vietnam

Commercial brokerage in Vietnam

Commission of commodity trading in Vietnam

Commercial agent in Vietnam

Outsourcing in commerce in Vietnam

Commodity auction in Vietnam

Commodity and services bidding in Vietnam

Logistics services in Vietnam

Goods in transit via Vietnam’s territory in Vietnam

Inspection services in Vietnam

Goods renting in Vietnam

Franchising in Vietnam 

Sanctions in commerce in Vietnam

Solving commercial disputes in Vietnam

Penalties for violation of the commercial law in Vietnam

Acts that breach the Commercial Law include: breaching provision on business registration, traders’ business licence, establisment and operationof representative office, branch of foreign traders; breaching provisions on domestically traded goods, services and imported or exported  goods, services, temporary import for re-export and temporary export for re-import of goods, transfer of goods through border-gates; violation on taxes, invoices, records and accounting reports; breaching  provisions on prices of goods, services; breaching provisions on labelling for domestically circulated, exported and imported goods; smuggling, trading in goods illegally imported, counterfeit goods or raw materials and materials for production of counterfeit goods, or conducting illegal trade; violating provisions on quality of domestically traded goods and services, and exported or imported goods and services; defrauding and deceiving customers in the purchase and sale of goods or the provision of services; violating provisions on protection of interests of consumers; violating provisions on intellectual property rights to domestically traded goods and services; and exported or imported goods and services; violating provisions on origin of goods; other violations in commercial activities according to the provisions of laws./.