DMS Law firm in Vietnam is set up based on practical needs of companies, civil and commercial transactions of organizations or individuals. While you are making important decisions or dealing with legal procedures, our reliable attorneys shall advise you selecting an effective legal solution, helping to prevent risks in civil, business transactions, and other aspects of social life as well. 

Vietnam has been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Vietnam has also signed the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP); joining such global arenas mean that organizations, companies and individuals would need consultancy provided by professional lawyers, or professsional accountants in Vietnam, especially who can communicate using a global language such as English.

Globalization leads to closer relations between nations  and the universal trend of convergence,  and this trend in Vietnam is very positive.  Many foreigners now come to Vietnam to invest in variety competitive fields; many expats visit Vietam, even reside in worth living areas across Vietnam, such as Da Nang city; many expats get marriage with a Vietnamese citizen, or buy apartments and houses in commercial projects in Vietnam, etc. Therefore, there are many issues in Vietnamese society involving foreign elements, such as foreign investors,  foreign companies, temporary residence for foreigners, work permits for expats, marriage and family issues between Vietnamese citizens and foreigners which need professional advice from lawyers in Vietnam.

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam encourages lawyers’ practice to contribute to the protection of justice, the rights to freedom and democracy of citizens, the lawful rights and interests of individuals and organizations, the socio-economic development, building a constitutional, socialist, democratic, equitable, and civilized nation.

With that in mind, DMS Law firm in Vietnam was established in Danang Vietnam with a distinctive structure and approach to attract talented and entrepreneurial lawyers and experts, who enable us to to achieve excellent solutions for our clients in complex and critical matters. 

DMS Law firm is based in Danang Vietnam. DMS Law firm is a member of Vietnam Bar Federation, Danang Bar Association. Registration number: 32020097/TP/DKHD dated January 22, 2016, granted by the Department of Justice of Danang City, Vietnam. Tax code: 0401733879./.