Setting up limited liability company in Vietnam

Hi DMS Law office in Vietnam! I'm Australian, will come to Vietnam to attend the APEC 2017 Summit held in Da Nang City from 6th to 11th November 2017. I and two Australian friends want to be lawyer consultant investment procedures to establish company in Vietnam, business activitie in the field of trade and services. 

Apply to case where members founded company in Vietnam is foreign individuals

Company’ s sample of seal in Vietnam

Prior to using of the seal, the entity is obliged to announce sample of the seal to the business registration authorities in order to publicly uploading onto the National Information Portal of Business Registration (Clause 2 Article 44 Law on Enterprise in Vietnam No. 68/2014/QH13 dated 26/11/2014)

Setting up one member limited liability company in Vietnam

Hi DMS Law office in Danang! I am a foreigner who is an Indian national and is preparing to come to Vietnam to attend the APEC 2017 Summit in Da Nang City from 6th to 11th of November, 2017. I would like lawyer to advise on the procedures for establishing a 100% foreign owned company in Da Nang, business activities in the field of restaurants and hotels, in the form of One Member Limited Liability Company, owned by a foreigner.

Lawyer consulting procedures to establish company with 100% capital of foreigner in Vietnam

Register company in Vietnam

According to Clause 1 Article 45 Decree No.78/2015/NĐ-CP dated 14/9/2015 on business registration, company sends an announcement about capital contribution of new member(s), attached by a document confirming such capital contribution of the new member(s)

Letter of introduction in Vietnam

This Letter of Introduction, attached to service contract of business registration in order to perform business registration procedures and setting up a company in Vietnam (according to Clause 1 Article 11 Decree No. 78/2015/NĐ-CP dated 14/9/2015). Besides, it can also be used by organisations, enterprises to recommend staff to perform specified transactions with other entities 

Authorization for setting up company in Vietnam

According to Article 142 Civil Code in Vietnam No. 33/2005/QH11 dated 14/6/2005, authorised representative is a representation which is certified by the authorisation between an agent and a principal. Form of authorisation is decided by those involved parties, except for cases in that laws regulate authorization must be in the form of written document

Legal service contract on setting up companies in Vietnam

Legal service contract in Vietnam (template), to be used in civil cases inVietnam, has been compiled based upon documents issued by the Circular No. 17/2011/TT-BTP dated 14/10/2011 guiding about the Law on Lawyer in Vietnam, Decree guiding on the Law on Lawyer regarding social-vocational organisations granted by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam