Law on Adoption in Vietnam No. 52/2010/QH12 dated June 17, 2010 takes effect on January 01, 2011 (replaces Chaper VII which includes articles between Article 67 and Article 78 and Article 105 of the Law on Adoption in Vietnam No. 22/QH10 dated June 09, 2000), prescribes about: Principles of settlement of adoptions, order of priority in the selection of substitute families, prohibited acts, responsibility to find substitute families for children, cases of intercountry adoption, foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam adopt a child in Vietnam, foreign adoption organizations in Vietnam. 

DMS Law office in Vietnam advises the following contents: 

Principles of settlement of adoptions

Order of priority in the selection of substitute families

Protection of the right to adopt and the right to be adopted

Encouragement of humanitarian assistance for the care for children in disadvantaged circumstances

Persons allowed to be adopted

Competence to register adoptions

Competence to settle requests for termination of adoption

Assurance of the right to know one's origin

Fee for adoption registration, expenses for settlement of intercountry adoptions

Prohibited acts

Conditions on adopting persons

Responsibility to find substitute families for children

Registration of adoption needs

Dossiers of adopting persons A dossier of an adopting person comprises:

Dossiers of persons introduced for domestic adoption

Submission of dossiers, time limit for settling adoption

Examination of dossiers, consultation of related persons 

Notification of the growth of adopted children and supervision of the nurturing of adopted children

Consequences of adoption

Grounds for termination of adoption

Organizations and individuals entitled to request termination of adoption

Consequences of the termination of adoption

Cases of intercountry adoption

Conditions on adopting persons

Consular legalization of papers and documents

Dossiers of adopting persons

Dossiers of persons introduced for adoption by foreigners

Responsibility for examining and verifying dossiers and certifying children's eligibility for being adopted

Responsibility for examining and transferring dossiers of adopting persons

Grounds for introduction of children for adoption

Sequence of introduction of children for adoption

Decision to allow children to be adopted by foreigners and organization of the delivery and receipt of adopted children 

Notification of the growth of adopted children

Adoption of foreign children by Vietnamese citizens living in the country

Adoption by foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam 

Foreign adoption organizations in Vietnam

State management agencies in charge of adoption 

The Law on Adoption provides the principles and conditions for adoption; competence, order and procedures for settling adoptions; rights and obligations of adoptive parents, adopted children and natural parents; and responsibilities of agencies and organizations in adoption.

Adoption aims to establish permanent parent and child relationships in the best interests of adopted persons, ensuring that adopted persons are nurtured, cared for and educated in the family environment./.