The Labor Code in Vietnam No. 10/2012/QH13 dated June 18, 2012 takes effect on May 01, 2013 (replaces the Labour Code in Vietnam dated June 23, 1994, the Labour Code in Vietnam No. 35/2002/QH10, the Labour Code in Vietnam No. 74/2006/QH11 and the Labour Code in Vietnam No. 84/2007/QH11) has new noticeable provisions, such as: time for lunar new year holidays is 05 days (Article 115), female employee is entitled to leave prior and after giving birth is 06 months (Article 157), strictly prohibit sexual abuse, forced labour, prohibit the employer from using force in dealing with domestic worker (domestic helper) (Article 183), employee with high-level professional skills and some special cases might be retired at higher age than the normal retirement age but shall not exceed 05 years (Article 187) and many other new provisions.

DMS Law office in Vietnam advises on the Labor Code in Vietnam with the following contents: 

Formulation of wage scales, wage tables and determination of labor norms in Vietnam 

Registration of internal working regulations in Vietnam   

The work permit in Vietnam  

Individual labor disputes in Vietnam   

Collective labor disputes in Vietnam  

Collective labor agreements in Vietnam   

Material responsibilities, compensation for damage in Vietnam   

Occupational safety and hygiene in Vietnam

Labor accidents, occupational diseases in Vietnam

Female employees in Vietnam 

Minor employees in Vietnam

Elderly employees in Vietnam  

Disabled employees in Vietnam

Domestic employees in Vietnam

Social insurance in Vietnam  

Trade unions in Vietnam  

To go on strike in Vietnam

Types of labor contract in Vietnam  

Enter into labor contracts with more than one employer in Vietnam

Illegal unilateral termination of a labor contract in Vietnam  

Labor utilization plan in Vietnam 

Severance allowance in Vietnam  

Job-loss allowance in Vietnam   

Invalid labor contracts in Vietnam

Labor lease in Vietnam 

Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam

DMS Law office in Vietnam, with Lawyers who have an in-depth understanding the Labour Code in Vietnam, with more than  10 years of experience in human management consulting various types of enterprises, foreign invested enterprises in Vietnam, having an in-depth understanding of main characteristics of professional qualification, skills of employees in each of the region of Vietnam.

Further, while advise on the Labour Code in Vietnam, our Lawyers also focus on research Laws and regulations closely relating rights and obligations of employees in enterprises, such as: Law on Social Insurance in Vietnam, Law on Health Insurance in Vietnam, Law on Personal Income Tax in Vietnam (PIT)./.