The Labor Code in Vietnam No. 10/2012/QH13 dated June 18, 2012, took effect on May 01, 2013 (replaced the Labour Code dated June 23, 1994, the Labour Code No. 35/2002/QH10, the Labour Code No. 74/2006/QH11 and the Labour Code No. 84/2007/QH11).

Some remarkable provisions:

Time for lunar new year holidays is 05 days (Article 115);

A female employee is entitled to a 6-month maternity leave before and after childbirth (Article 157);

Employer is prohibited from sexual abuse, forcing labour, using violence against the domestic worker, domestic helper (Article 183);

An employee who has high professional and technical qualifications or who performs management work and some other special cases may retire at a higher age than the normal retirement age but shall not exceed 05 years (Article 187) and many other new provisions.

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The Labor Code in Vietnam

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