Charter of a single member limited liability company in Vietnam

Hi DMS Law firm in Vietnam! I am planning to apply for investment licence and business licence in Vietnam in the form of one member LLC ? I would like lawyer in Vietnam give advice about the charter of one member LLC in Vietnam ?

Charter of a multi member LLC in Vietnam

Hi DMS Law firm in Vietnam! We want to apply for Investment Registration Certificate and Business Registration Certificate in the form of a two members LLC in Da Nang City, Vietnam ? Can your Lawyers in Vietnam give us some guidances about the charter of a two members limited liability company in Vietnam ?

Template for Capital Contribution Transfer Agreement

In case of changes of members because of stake transfer, the company shall send a Notification to Business Registration Office where it was registered. The notification must be enclosed with a Capital Contribution Transfer (Clause 2 Article 45 Decree No.78/2015/NĐ-CP dated 9/14/2015 on Enterprise Registration)