DMS Lawyers in Vietnam systematically organizes laws of related categories, such as: a category of tax-related laws for the purpose of facilitating research by enterprises, a category of audit, banking, credit and accounting-related laws for organizations and individuals; a category of laws in relation to telecommunication, airlines, prices, competition and bankruptcy; a category of administration, civil status, immigration, handling of administrative violations; a category of criminal investigation, temporary custody, temporary detention, criminal and criminal proceeds.

DMS Lawyers in Vietnam advises the following categogies of laws: 

Law on health insurance in Vietnam

Law on vietnamese guest workers in Vietnm

Cooperative law in Vietnam 

Law on telecommunications in Vietnam 

Law on prices in Vietnam

Law on intellectual property in Vietnam

Law on competition in Vietnam

Law on bankruptcy in Vietnam

The Civil Code in Vietnam 2005 

Law on tax administration in Vietnam 

The law on export and import duties in Vietnam

Law on value added tax in Vietnam

Law on excise tax in Vietnam 

Law on Vietnamese nationality 

Law entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in vietnam 

The Law on civil status in Vietnam

Code of civil procedure in Vietnam

Criminal code in Vietnam

Criminal procedure code in Vietnam

DMS Lawyers in Vietnam determines to build a team of specialized lawyers in each legal area arising in social life, acknowledges the maintaining of goodwill towards every client is the most important goal for the professional career of each Lawyer at DMS Law firm in Vietnam./.