Law on Social Insurance in Vietnam No. 58/2014/QH13 dated November 20, 2014 takes effect on January 01, 2016 (replaces the Law on Insurance in Vietnam No. 71/2006/QH11 dated June 29, 2006), contains some new noticeable contents, such as: extend applicable entities for compulsory social insurance (Article 2), prohibited acts (Article 17), reponsibilities of employers (Article 21), leave period for childbirth (Article 34), maternity regime of female employees as surrogate mothers and intended mothers (Article 35), conditions to pension enjoyment (Article 54), lump-sum social insurance allowance (Article 60), Levels and methods of payment by employees covered by compulsory social insurance (Article 85), Levels and methods of payment by employers (Article 86), Levels and methods of payment by employees covered by voluntary social insurance (Article 87) and many other specific provisions.

DMS Law office in Vietnam advises the following affairs:

Social insurance regimes

Social insurance principles

State policies on social insurance

Contents of state management of social insurance

State management agencies in charge of social insurance

Social insurance inspection

Reporting and audit regimes

Prohibited acts

Rights of employees

Coverage of the sickness regime

Coverage of the maternity regime

Leave period for child adoption

Leave period when taking contraceptive measures

Coverage of labour accident and occupational disease regimes

Monthly allowance

Time for allowance enjoyment

Coverage of the retirement regime

Monthly pension

Lump-sum allowance upon retirement

Funeral allowance

Levels of monthly survivor allowance

Coverage of the retirement regime

Funeral allowance

Sources forming the social insurance fund

Social insurance agencies

Social insurance books

Dossier for enjoyment of the sickness regime

Complaints about social insurance

Social Insurance Agencies are the State Agencies with function to perform social insurance regime, policies, manage and use of social insurance, health, unemployment funds; inspect the contribution of social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and other duties under the Law on Social Insurance in Vietnam./.