Law on Residence in Vietnam No. 81/2006/QH11 dated December 25, 2006, took effect on July 01, 2007. This Law provides for citizens' right to freedom of residence in the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; the residence registration and administration order and procedures; the rights and responsibilities of citizens, households, agencies and organizations regarding residence registration and administration. 

Some prominent articles are:

Principles for residence and residence administration (Article 4);

Prohibited acts (Article 8);

Permanent residence registration (Article 18);

Conditions for registration of permanent residence in provinces (Article 19);

Conditions for registration of permanent residence in centrally run cities (Article 20);

Household registration books (Article 24);

Temporary residence registration (Article 30);

Stay and stay notification (Article 31);

Absence declaration (Article 32), and so on.

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Law on Residence in Vietnam

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