Law on Real Estate Trading in Vietnam No. 66/2014/QH13 dated November 25, 2014 takes effect on July 01, 2015 (replaces the Law on Real Estate Trading in Vietnam No. 63/2006/QH11 dated June 29, 2006), contains new provisions in respect of real estate trading, such as: Organizations, individuals wish to conduct real estate trading shall set up enterprise or co-operation and must have legal capital not less than VND20 billion (Article 10), before selling or leasing-purchase future residential houses, real estate investors must have their financial obligations towards their clients guranteed by capable commercial banks in case they fail to hand over houses as committed, the State bank of Vietnam shall publiclly announce the list of commercial banks that are eligible for guarantees for trading of real estate to be built in the future (for real estate developers); in case investors fail to hand over the residential houses as committed and the purchasers, the lease-purchasers have requested, the guarantor has the duty to return the advance and any other payments made to investors in accordance with the purchase, lease-purchase contract and the guarantee contract signed (Article 56). 

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Investing to make houses, buildings for commercial purposes in Vietnam

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Purchasing, selling of buildings in Vietnam

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Transferring of land-use rights in Vietnam 

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In the process of integration, social-cutural exchange, economic development between businesses, individuals of multiple nations shall arise civil, economic, commercial relationships with foreign elements involving in real estate that might need consulting form Lawyers specializing in real estate area, such as: in relation to house ownership of foreigers in Viet Nam, marriage with foreign elements that involve ownership rights to real estate in Vietnam, lease agreement for real estate involving foreign elements and many other contents./.