Law on Notarization No. 53/2014/QH13 dated June 20, 2014 takes effect on January 01, 2015 (replaces the Law on Notarization No. 82/2006/QH11 dated November 29, 2006), contains some new provisions, such as: translation of documents, papers from Vietnamese into  foreign language or vice versa (Article 2), prohibited acts (Article 7), criteria for notaries (Article 8), a notary office must have at least 2 notaries being its partners, notary offices have no capital contributors (Article 22), transfer of notary offices (Article 29), notaries’ certification of copies of originals, certification of signatures in papers and documents (Article 77) and other specific provisions. 

DMS Law office in Vietnam advises the following contents:

Scope of regulation 

Interpretation of terms

Social functions of notaries

Principles of notarial practice

Legal validity of notarized documents

Spoken and written language used in notarization

Prohibited acts

Criteria for notaries

Notary training

Exemption from notary training

Notarial practice probation

Appointment of notaries

Persons ineligible for appointment as notaries

Suspension from notarial practice

Relief from duty of notaries

Re-appointment as notaries

Rights and obligations of notaries

Principles of establishment of notarial practice organizations

Notary bureaus

Establishment of notary bureaus

Transformation and dissolution of notary bureaus

Notary offices

Establishment and operation registration of notary offices

Changes of contents of operation registration of notary offices

Provision of information on contents of operation registration of notary offices

Publishing of information on operation registration of notary offices 

Scripts in notarized documents

Testimonies of notaries

Notarization requesters, witnesses and interpreters

Signatures, fingerprints in notarized documents

Pagination of notarized documents

Correction of technical errors in notarized documents 

Scope of application

Notarization of real estate mortgage contracts

Notarization of authorization contracts

Notarization of testaments 

Notarization means the written certification by a notary of a notarial practice organization of the authenticity and lawfulness of a contract or another civil transaction (referred to as contract or transaction) or of the accuracy, lawfulness and conformity with social ethics of the Vietnamese or foreign-language translation of a paper or document (referred to as translation) which is prescribed by law or voluntarily requested by an individual or organization to be notarized./.