Law on Bidding in Vietnam No. 43/2013/QH13 dated November 26, 2013 takes effect on July 01, 2014 (repalces the Law on Bidding in Vietnam No. 61/2005/QH11 dated November 29, 2005), contains some new provisions, such as: eligibility of tenderers, investors (Article 5), conditions for issuing the bid invitation dossiers, dossier of requirements (Article 7), currency to be used in bidding (Article 10), international bidding (Article 15), direct appointment of contractor (Article 22), professional bidding organization (Article 32), conditions for signing contract (Article 64), banned acts in bidding (Article 89), dealing with violations (Article 90), resolution of protests and disputes in bidding and other provisions. 

DMS Law office in Vietnam advises the following contents:

Eligibility of tenderers, investors

Ensuring competitiveness in bid

Information of bidding

Language to be used in bidding

Currency to be used in bidding

Bidding guarantee

Expenses for bidding

International bidding

Cases of bidding cancellation

Responsibilities upon bidding cancellation

Training and capacity building on bidding

Open bidding

The one-phase method with one dossier bag

Professional bidding organization

Principles of making the plan on tenderer selection

Methods to assess dossier of proposals

General provisions on concentrated procurement

Conditions for application

Concentrated purchase of drugs

Forms of selection of tenderers

Plan on investor selection

Selection of tenderers and investors through network

Contract type

Contract type

Responsibilities of the competent person

Content of state management on bidding activities

Banned acts in bidding

Dealing with violations

Resolution of protests regarding bidding

The principles of resolution

Bidding activities that are within the governing scope of the Law on Bidding must conform to the Law on Bidding and other related laws.

In case international treaties to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party have provisions on selection of tenderers and investors different from those of the Law on Bidding, such international treaties shall prevail./.