Law on Bidding in Vietnam No. 43/2013/QH13 dated November 26, 2013, took effect on July 01, 2014 (replaced the Law on Bidding No. 61/2005/QH11 dated November 29, 2005). 

This Law contains some new provisions, such as:

Eligibility of tenderers, investors (Article 5);

Conditions for issuing the bid invitation dossiers, dossier of requirements (Article 7);

Currency to be used in bidding (Article 10);

International bidding (Article 15);

Direct appointment of contractor (Article 22);

Professional bidding organization (Article 32);

Conditions for signing contract (Article 64);

Banned acts in bidding (Article 89);

Dealing with violations (Article 90), and other provisions. 

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Law on Bidding in Vietnam

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