Law on Adoption in Vietnam No. 52/2010/QH12 dated June 17, 2010, took effect on January 01, 2011. This Law provides the principles and conditions for adoption; competence, order and procedures for settling adoptions; rights and obligations of adoptive parents, adopted children and natural parents; and responsibilities of agencies and organizations in adoption.

Some prominent articles are: 

Principles of settlement of adoptions (Article 4);

Order of priority in the selection of substitute families (Article 5);

Persons allowed to be adopted (Article 8);

Competence to register adoptions (Article 9);

Prohibited acts (Article 13);

Conditions on adopting persons (Article 14);

Cases of intercountry adoption (Article 28);

Conditions on adopting persons in intercountry adoption (Article 29);

Consular legalization of papers and documents in intercountry adoption (Article 30);

Decision to allow children to be adopted by foreigners and organization of the delivery and receipt of adopted children (Article 37);

Certification of adoption (Article 38);

Adoption by foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam (Article 41), and so on.

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Law on Adoption in Vietnam

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